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I’m sure that the May blog attracted the comment – well he got that date wrong… referring to the tragic earthquake in Lorca on May 11th.  I had suggested that “Around the 17th could be a time of more destructive seismic activity/storms/weather”. I looked at the chart for Lorca on the 11th and it showed several significators for disruption of some sort, but not of the magnitude that transpired.

Fortunately the 17th passed without seismic drama in Europe, but note the following report from an earthquake watch website in the USA:-

18th May 2011 – Nicaragua’s Telica volcano spewed a massive cloud of gas and ash into the air Tuesday following several strong explosions. Material was ejected 1.2 kilometres into the air above the crater of the 1,060-metre volcano, the seismological institute Ineter said. A total of 50 explosions were recorded. Since May 9, Ineter has recorded 59 seismic shocks in the area, and Telica had ejected a large amount of sand on nearby cities since Friday. Sixty nearby villages were evacuated as a precautionary measure. The volcano is located in Leon province, some 130 kilometres north-west of Managua. It last erupted in 1948.

I have to say that my Ibiza Astroblog does seem to be acceptable, even desirable, as it now appears on several other web sites relating to Ibiza, a number without my prior knowledge or permission.

For the record, Ibiza Astroblog originates at Ibiza Astrologer Go there to sample the liqor from the still!  The guys here at ibizaholidays.com are among the good ones, where I regularly post, and am happy to do so.

June 1 sees a New Moon, and partial solar eclipse, at 11° 1’ Gemini and it makes  no major aspects to anything else in the sky.  That suggests it stands alone on its own influence, and that influence is of Mercury, ruler of Gemini.  Mercury is the winged messenger, so I expect that new ideas will abound, together with new ways of doing things.  In a word… Gestalt!

While the eclipse stands alone, we still experience the  Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is the classic stop:go contradiction, with both sparring partners squared to Pluto in Capricorn.  No change there then, but maybe the eclipse will trigger a burst of energy, and we see some kerfuffle in the financial/political arenas.  There’s also the remains of the  Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus.  The romance of Venus, swept of her feet by passionate Mars!  In Taurus no less – suggesting that someone somewhere will be getting all steamed up about protecting families and homes.  That perfected a week ago, just about the time the dreadful forest fire started, and people were moved to passionate and dramatic action to save our beloved island.  I heard a rumour (I can as yet call it no more) that the fire was started as a protest against the poor conditions of some people here…… That would demonstrate another face to the Mars & Venus conjunction.

Mercury, planet of thoughts communications swings to its extreme of orbit and goes ‘out of bounds’ (OOB) between 10th – 28th.  Just like driving off the edge of the road, onto the dirt, it’s uncharted territory, which means that the unexpected can easily happen.  That could be a new discovery, a fantastic innovation, or a total haywire catastrophe…… OOB, the rules just don’t apply.

After the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 15th, comes the Summer Solstice on the 21st.  The Sun enters Cancer.  The longest day!  The end of spring, the beginning of summer,  quarter day…..    Well, I shall not be watching the sunrise at Stonehenge, but I shall be watching!

Sunrise on the 21st, Solstice day is at 06.35

The Solstice is in early evening on the 21st at 19.17 which is the precise time the Sun enters the sign of Cancer.  More about that later.

On to the daily transits for June….  Again this month, the period of influence is shown.

31 May 2011 to 02 Jun 2011

Sun Trine Saturn, so there’s a certain pleasure in feeling well-grounded, and this moment would make a firm foundation for whatever you choose to build upon it. If your plans are already made, it’s time for the cornerstone to be laid. Go with what you’ve got, as there’s a no-frills feeling that’s saying keep it simple, take it slow.

01 Jun 2011 to 02 Jun 2011

Moon Conjunction Sun: The New Moon is the very time for giving up the old and ringing in the new, rebundling your energies into another package. Commitments made now are intense, all-eggs-in-one-basket, but give them time to develop and to get their bearings. Time for laying cornerstones, the walls and rafters come later.

02 Jun 2011 to 16 Jun 2011

Mercury Enters Gemini

The coming few weeks will be ideal for wide-range brainstorming, as the

general climate is up for more open communications and generally batting ideas around without having to commit to them immediately. There’s a breezy feeling to it, like air running through your hair, freedom of speech at its safest and best.

03 Jun 2011 to 09 Nov 2011

Neptune Stationary Retrograde:  Old dreams come into focus as visions and insights from them prevail.

02 Jun 2011 to 03 Jun 2011

Mercury Square Neptune: It’s easy to insist on cutting your way through the confusion only to find yourself more at sea than before. Perhaps it is better to roll over and go back to sleep and wake up on the other side of the bed. Elusive concepts flee in the face of challenge, so watch the show without requiring explanation. No subtitles available.

04 Jun 2011 to 11 Jun 2012

Jupiter Enters Taurus so a year of slow expansion is now ahead, during which the best-laid plans take a long time to lay down, but once they’re in place, there’s no stopping them. The future looks bright, but gradual, and the sure-footed approach is the accepted way to go. It’s all about doing it well, making it all come true at the right time.

04 Jun 2011 to 05 Jun 2011

Mercury Sextile Uranus so the wellsprings of the mind are like water, often taken for granted. When ideas flow fresh from the tap, one assumes they are always there, as at this moment. Launch it now and that will likely always be the case, but a look inside the mechanics of your everyday creativity might help you drink when wells run dry.

07 Jun 2011 to 08 Jun 2011

Mercury Trine Saturn: Steady focus and clear reductive thinking get reliable results that inspire confidence in others, particularly those on the conservative side. Keep your eye on long-term operations and slow but steady development. Think big but not fast, what is begun now is for posterity, and that’s forever, so you’ve got time.

04 Jun 2011 to 14 Jun 2011

Jupiter Sextile Neptune A more realistic and satisfying way to blend dreams, hopes, and expectations by sharing is in the wind, if you are willing to take a deep breath. Actually, a series of shallow breaths describes it better. What once you may have kept to yourself, it is time to exchange with others who have been in the same situation. Fortunately, the air is very conducive to doing just that, and what might have been hard to say before comes more easily with the knowledge that it is a two-way street of mutual trust and reward. You may find this critical to your happiness, or you may just find yourself in a general situation where it helps others and it’s the best thing to do to go along. Either way, you win.

There’s more next week… starting with Venus entering Gemini…

Until then, be happy – it’s inside you just let it out!

Your Ibiza Astrologer – Ibiza Astrologer

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