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My personal blog posts have been few and far between of late on Living Beneath the Volcano. This is partly due to work commitments (YAY- food on the table) and partly because we’ve been developing a couple of new websites; Buzz Trips – which is about our travelling experiences outside of Tenerife and The Real Tenerife.

Having another Tenerife website may seem excessive considering we’ve got two websites and four blogs already related to Tenerife (and that’s only the ones we own outright, not all the ones we write for). But that’s partly the reason. Each was set up for a specific purpose. Real Tenerife Island Drives was established to accompany the guidebook of the same name but grew to be much bigger in its own right. The Real Tenerife blog was established as a record of life on Tenerife that was connected to the Island Drives website. Going Native in Tenerife was set up to accompany that travel guidebook. Walking Tenerife was created for people interested in exploring Tenerife by foot and evolved from a page on the Island Drives website that proved far more popular than we had anticipated. And Living Beneath the Volcano was my ‘den’, the place where I could write about the things that made living on Tenerife a joy and have a right old moan about the things that rattled my cage.

But it was all too much and there has been an increasing danger of things being diluted and becoming rushed and staid. We decided a serious shake up was in order and…drum roll…so The Real Tenerife has been launched on the world…quietly, because it’s still in the early stages of development.

Basically just about everything is getting pulled under the one virtual roof (except Real Tenerife Island Drives and Walking Tenerife which still have a specific purpose).

We’re really excited about the changes because it means we can have a static website and a blog rolled into one which we think will be a much more dynamic animal. It gives us the freedom to try out some new ideas and include more information that hopefully will be useful to everyone who wants to discover the Real Tenerife.

As for Living Beneath the Volcano? Well I still need a place to blow off steam, so I will continue to to be annoyingly opinionated on here whenever I feel the urge :)

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