Low Cost Car Hire Chaves

Low Cost Car Hire in Chaves. There are many car hire locations throughout Portugal so there are plenty of places to explore in your rental car.

In Chaves you can pick up and drop off your low cost car rental from:

Av.de Santo Amaro, Chaves, 5400-355.

The price quoted on the search engine includes insurance all taxes with no extras to pay. Like all of Continental Europe you will drive on the right hand side of the road, please drive very carefully in Portugal as the accident rates are quite high, due mainly to local driver’s habits in Chaves which can be very poor. Matters are not helped by poor road conditions in certain areas of Chaves. However there are a large number of motorways in Portugal with toll charges being imposed along the way.

Seatbelts are compulsory, when driving in Portugal, as a minimum you will be fined for not wearing one. Please also remember to take your drivers licence with you as the local office, where you collect your vehicle from will ask to see it when you pick up your vehicle.

Depending on your requirement you may pick up your hire car from one location and return it to a different location without paying any extra money. You should check the individual terms and conditions of your reservation from Av.de Santo Amaro, Chaves, 5400-355.

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