Low Cost Car Hire Tampere Airport

Airport car hire in Tampere. Our fantastic website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com can offer you a choice of 17.000 locations including of course the most popular holiday pick up spots but also many of the lesser known places that you may wish to travel to. For example if you are travelling to Tampere you will be able to collect a reliable vehicle from Tampere – Airport, Tampere Airport, Tampere. We have 550 companies offering a wide range of vehicles and you will find the well known names offering cars in Finland like Hertz and Avis plus many local companies who can compete in respect of prices and range of vehicles available in Finland.

One of the most popular pick up places in any location is the airport. So when you travel to Finland you may want to consider picking up your vehicle straight from Tampere Airport rather than heading into the nearest town or city to arrange. Once you have selected and paid for your vehicle online you will see the nearest airport to your destination in Finland and you will receive confirmation that the booking is made for pick up from there.

The airport arrival terminal often houses many of the car rental companies whose staff are there ready to help you with your pre-booking. Ensure you take your booking confirmation with you for ease of reference and have your full driving licence to hand. You may have paid for your car in full or if only a deposit, the balance will need to paid on collection at the airport office.

Many of the airports in Finland also have the smaller companies housed in their car parks. These are generally only a short walk away from the airport arrivals exit and can be easily found. The vehicles are then located very close to the office so once the paperwork is completed you can begin your journey towards Tampere in Finland.

When you leave the airport terminal please be sure you have sufficient maps and information to set you off in the right direction. Some larger airports can be daunting and there you need to be well equipped. The car hire company in Finland can provide you with these on arrival and they are there to assist you in anyway they can. Remember satellite navigation is also a useful tool and you can pre-book this as an optional extra either at the time of booking your car on line or after if you wish to add it to your reservation. Any amendments to your booking in Tampere Airport can be done on line very easily.

Tampere Airport could be busy at your time of travel so pre-booking a car could be essential if you are touring Finland. If you leave it until you get to the airport you might find a limited number and type of vehicle available and with limited availability prices could be high. Make sure you have bagged a great deal before arriving at Tampere airport by visiting our website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com.

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