Minibus Insurance: The Necessities

To answer questions about specific minibus insurance policies, you need to speak to a specialist insurance provider. However, since forewarned and forearmed are one and the same thing, knowing the basics will allow you ask intelligent questions about the minibus insurance you are seeking.

Three Levels

Minibus insurance, like just about any other kind of vehicle insurance comes in one of three levels. Let’s look at them in order.

Third Party Only cover is the minimum level of minibus insurance you can buy. It is often called ‘T.P.O.’ and it covers you against damaging other peoples’ property or injuring somebody with your minibus.

The next level up the scale is called Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance. This, called ‘T. P. F. & T.’, offers the same level of protection as the above type of minibus insurance. In addition, it covers your minibus if it is stolen or is damaged as a result of fire.

Comprehensive minibus insurance, sometimes called ‘Fully Comprehensive’ insurance is the top of the range, as it were. Comprehensive policies generally guard against most risks; many include a consideration against legal fees.

It’s usually possible to enhance your minibus insurance with additional elements tailored to your needs. A good specialist provider will be able to provide you with information about all the relevant options.

Staying Legal

UK law stipulates that the abovementioned Third Party Only insurance is the legal minimum type of minibus insurance. Should you wish to use your minibus as a taxi, your insurance needs additional elements. One of these is insurance, ‘for the carriage of persons for hire or reward’. Public liability insurance will probably have to be added too, so that you comply with local government regulations. Moreover, anyone operating a taxi service using a minibus must have an indemnity limit of at least five million pounds.

Type of Insurance

There are five types of minibus insurance and it’s important to know which you need. They are as follows…

MPV – This type of insurance is the one chosen by commercial concerns such as educational establishments and nursing homes. Larger firms operating more than one vehicle tend to plump for fleet insurance.

Taxi – the need for this type of insurance is obvious. ‘Staying Legal’ (above) described a specific, essential part of it.

Charity – this is the type of minibus insurance selected by charitable organisations. Sometimes, the price is more competitive for operators such as these.

Family – some owners choose a minibus to use as a family car. This can be more than convenient but as a minibus isn’t a car, the insurance requirements can differ. A good specialist insurance provider will offer attractive family minibus insurance packages.

Fleet – often, it makes economic sense to use fleet minibus insurance when more than one vehicle is involved.

Whatever use your vehicle is put to, it is sensible to ensure you have the right level and kind of minibus insurance. This means that, apart from meeting legal requirements, you have the security offered by a good insurance policy. You therefore enjoy peace of mind, which is always worth having.

Article Resource

If you’d like to save money on your minibus insurance look no further than The Minibus Club. Why not visit their website to receive a free online quote for minibus insurance.


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