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In order to find the best convertible car hire in Germany you first of all need to determine who is offering car hire in the specific location of Cologne City that you will be visiting. Once the above is established go on line to www.1st-car-hire-spain.com and start your search to get a wide range of options and good final price quotes for Cologne City and Germany in general. As you soon as you have found a good deal you are happy with in Germany book it as it may not be available if you wait too long.

When hiring a convertible car in Germany, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment as they are very popular, especially in high season. Whether you are hiring a convertible car for a week, a weekend or even just a day, make the most of having a soft top vehicle and enjoy having the roof down, giving you the best views of what Cologne City has to offer, whilst getting a tan at the same time. Take in to consideration that convertible cars are only 2 door vehicles so it is probably not recommended for a family holiday as space is restricted.

In this day and age, you can get almost any make of car in a soft top model so the choice is vast in Germany. All the prices quoted are inclusive of tax and insurance so there are no extra costs to pay but do remember to inform the car hire company if there are any extras you may need such as child seats or booster seats. Also make sure that you inform the car hire company of any additional drivers. The pick up location of your convertible car hire is: Cologne City, Christophstr. 26-28, Koeln, 50670.

All of our companies give unlimited mileage to all names drivers who will need to be over 21 years of age. Please remember that you will need to take your full driving licence with you which must be presented to the company on arrival.

Our search engine can provide car hire in 17.000 different destinations and the search will give you the best results found from 550 different car rental companies. Some of these will include household names such as Hertz or Avis but there are many excellent local companies providing reliable vehicles.

Our search engine will provide you with full details of where to pick up the convertible car in Cologne City one of the most popular companies in Cologne City is based at Cologne City, Christophstr. 26-28, Koeln, 50670. Their reputation is excellent for good customer service, reliable vehicles with a wide range always available. They will provide you with maps of Cologne City and Germany giving you the confidence to drive off into probably unknown areas.

Remember that satellite navigation is an optional extra which is extremely useful if the Cologne City or Germany itself is unknown to you in any great detail. Also if you intend driving at night when you first arrive it really is a must.

You may only wish to hire a convertible for a day or so in Germany and this is a hugely popular option in Germany. Many people only wish to have the use of a car for a sort time during their holiday in Germany as ideally they are looking for a drive free stay. Many like to try out the Cologne City public transport system or get around by foot. Depending on the time of year and weather this may be a good option but if the weather conditions are not great then car hire for a few days in Germany can be arranged. Remember many of the vehicles have air conditioning which can be found at Cologne City, Christophstr. 26-28, Koeln, 50670. This again may be found on our website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com as an optional extra at very little extra cost.

Once you have made your booking on line and paid for your car hire in Germany with your credit card if you need to amend your booking in any way then this is not a problem. Our website is user friendly and you can manage your booking with ease.

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