Low Cost Car Hire Essen

Hiring a car in Germany is a great idea as having a hired car allows you to explore what Essen really has to offer. Self drive car hire allows you to see what you want, when you want. There are a few different types of car hire available in Essen.

There are car hire types to choose from including estate car hire, automatic car hire, sports car hire, 4×4 car hire and van hire. Self drive car hire is the most popular as it gives you 100% freedom in being able to do what you want.

Optional extras are important in making your journey as smooth as possible. The extras depend on the company as each one offers different things. The most popular extra is the GPS satellite navigation system. So many people find them useful as the majority of the time people do not know how to find places in Essen. Having a GPS sat nav can save time and keep stress levels at an all time low.

Baby seats and booster seats are also very popular as in certain countries it is illegal not to have one for children under a certain age. Roof racks are very useful for those with alot of equipment or luggage, who are possibly skiing or playing golf whilst in Germany. A roof rack is the perfect way of giving you more space inside the car. The roads may be very different to those your normally drive on, so if it is snowing or has been previous to your arrival, you may wish to order chains to go on the wheels, they are a safety extra as well as a regular extra.

Policies on insurance differ from between the companies so it is best to check what policy you are entitled to before booking. Some companies offer extra insurance in the policy as standard but others offer it as an extra. Most companies give you the hired car with a full tank of fuel and expect it back with a full tank but again this can differ between companies, it is best to check.

Self drive car hire can be collected from a few different places, one being Essen, Ostfeldstr. 9, Essen, 45127. It is always best to make it clear where you will be collecting and returning the car at the time you confirm the booking.

When booking your self drive car hire it is easiest to do so through a comparison website. A list of companies and prices will appear on the website enabling you to see them all at one time.

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