Low Cost Car Hire Civitavecchia

Our website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com is a great tool to find the best deal in car hire in Civitavecchia. If you are planning to travel to Italy and are heading off to Civitavecchia once you have landed at the airport you will find one of our many car hire companies conveniently available for you to pick up your vehicle. All of our companies are competitively priced and we guarantee you will be surprised at the great deal we can offer in Civitavecchia.

Once you have input your requirements on line the options for Civitavecchia will appear. One of our many car hire companies are based at Civitavecchia, Calata Laurenti Snc, 00053. They are likely to come up and will provide you will the best deal available. You will need a credit card to confirm your booking in Civitavecchia as pre-payment is required. The site is secure and you can be confident of submitting your details on line.

Please remember that in Civitavecchia you will need to produce your full driving licence as a matter of course and that in Italy you will more than likely being driving on the opposite side of the road than you would in the U.K. and therefore extra care is needed when you first set off. Try and pick up your vehicle in the daylight in Italy so you can set off with confidence.

Our rental company is based at Civitavecchia, Calata Laurenti Snc, 00053. They will allow named drivers over the age of 21 with a full licence and can offer all makes and models of vehicles from small two door vehicles to 8 seater people carriers depending on your needs. In Italy air conditioning may be a preferred option so please request this at the time of booking. Also if you have any infants travelling with you also make sure you request any extras required such as baby seats or booster seats to ensure they are there ready for you on your arrival.

Driving in Civitavecchia like any city can be daunting at first but many of the vehicles provided by our agent have the latest technology in satellite navigation at Civitavecchia, Calata Laurenti Snc, 00053. Easy to use and extremely helpful when driving through Italy please also request satellite navigation at the time of booking to ensure you have the help of this very useful tool.

The vehicles available through our website www.1st-car-hire-spain.com are rented with unlimited mileage coverage and insurance included. These give peace of mind and for a small extra premium you can purchase some extra optional insurance coverage, full details of this extra coverage can be confirmed by our agent based at Civitavecchia, Calata Laurenti Snc, 00053.

Once you have confirmed your booking on line for Civitavecchia it is so easier to manage your booking yourself in respect of any changes that you may need to make i.e. dates, named drivers etc. Simply log on and we guarantee that you won’t be lost in detail but will be able to make any changes you need to do.

We hope that you will find your first booking with www.1st-car-hire-spain.com a comprehensive and easy experience and that you will chose us again when you next travel to Italy. We can offer car rental worldwide and wish you safe motoring.

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