Low Cost Car Hire Jesolo Lido

Pick up location: Jesolo Lido, Piazza Drago 7, Jesolo, 30016.

Self drive car hire Jesolo (ve). If you are comfortable driving abroad then there is no better way than to explore your chosen holiday destination than by car. Many car hire companies will provide sat navs if required, to ensure you do not get lost.

Your choice of car hire in Jesolo (ve) is important and here are some of the most popular options available to you;

1) Estate car in Jesolo (ve) if you are planning to take extra luggage or sports equipment.
2) Sports car hire in Jesolo (ve)
3) Convertible car hire in Jesolo (ve)
4) Mini bus hire in Jesolo (ve) if you are travelling in a larger party, of 5 or more people.

Car hire may be booked for the duration of your holiday, or you can arrange car hire daily or just for the weekend. Extra equipment may be booked at the same time as you make your reservation, including roof racks, baby seats and booster seats.

You can also include more than one driver on the terms and conditions of the rental, although please remember that all named drivers should take their driving licences with them, to show the local representative when you collect the car. The main named driver should also take a credit card with them, as the car hire company in Jesolo (ve) will need to take a swipe of the card.

In Jesolo (ve) you can pick up and return your rental car to the following location
Jesolo Lido, Piazza Drago 7, Jesolo, 30016.

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