Low Cost Car Hire Prato North

You can pre book your car hire in Prato which will to be waiting for you when you arrive. You can also collect your vehicle from Prato North – Via Di Ponzano 24, Prato, 59100 or at the airport when you land in Italy.

If you pre book your car rental in Prato you will avoid the queue or any delays or sometimes, no car being available at all. If you are travelling to Italy during the high season period or school holidays we would certainly recommend that you pre book your car rental. In addition to this, if you need mini bus hire or people carrier, then definitely pre book these vehicles as they tend to be in bigger demand and are fully booked on a regular basis throughout the year.

Your car rental in Prato will give you the freedom to explore the area in your own time and at a much lower cost that organised tours or taxis. The local car hire company in Prato will provide maps and driving directions, or for an additional fee you could opt for a sat nav GPS system.

The local car hire company in Prato will need to see the driving licence of all drivers, along with a credit card. They will take an imprint of the credit card which will be used to cover any damages or any extras incurred during the car rental period.

You should check the terms and conditions of your car rental contact, which you can view online prior to booking and when you collect the vehicle from Prato North – Via Di Ponzano 24, Prato, 59100. For example you should check what insurance is included and you can then decide whether any extra insurance is required.

Also check the position regarding petrol as some car hire companies provide a full tank of petrol and expect you to return the car hire back to Prato with a full tank of petrol. If the tank is not full, you will be charged for the used fuel along with a small handling charge for filling the car back up. Other car hire companies, provide the car hire with a full tank of fuel and expect you to return it empty. Therefore you are effectively being charged for a full tank of fuel. This latter option should only be used if you are planning on driving quite a few miles.

If you have any special requirements for your car hire, for example automatic transmission, roof racks, baby seats or booster seats, then these should be requested at the time of the initial reservation. As it may be that when you arrive to collect your vehicle from Prato North – Via Di Ponzano 24, Prato, 59100 that your requirements may not be available.

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