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In Poland, there are two types of car hire, self drive and chauffer driven. The difference between the two is basically that self drive car hire you drive your own vehicle and chauffer driven is where someone else drives the vehicle around for you. Ofcourse chauffer driven is a lot more expensive as you’re paying for someone‚Äôs time as well as the vehicle and is only available in a small number of locations. With a self drive car hire in Torun you are free to explore at your own pace. All you need is a valid drivers licence and your own self drive car hire.

There are a few things you should take into account before booking. All companies have different policies so it is always worth reading each and everyone as there is not one that applies to all. Additional insurance is the main thing you should double check, as some companies have it as standard whilst others have it as an additional extra. Fuel is another thing you should check as some companies expect the car to be returned with a full tank and others expect it to be returned with an empty tank.

It can sometimes work out cheaper to hire a self drive car hire for a week rather than a return journey taxi ride to and from the airport. Of course this will depend on the time of year and other aspects but it is worth researching both prices and comparing. If you opt for the car hire over the taxi you then also have the benefit of the car hire for the rest of the week.

There a couple of places in Poland to collect your self drive car hire from, one of these being:

Torun, Ul.bulwar Filadelfijski 18 , Torun , 87-100

Torun, Ul. M. Sklodowskiej-curie 1-3, Torun, 87-100

Torun Railway Station, Railway Station , Torun.

It always best to confirm where you want to collect and return your hired car to at the time of booking.

The simplest way of finding the best self drive car hire for you in Torun is to use a comparison search website. all that is required to see the options of car hire is to enter a few details. A good website to use is http://www.1st-car-hire-spain.com.

You may wish to book some extras for your hired car to make your journeys more pleasant for yourself or your family, such as a sat nav to stop you from getting lost or portable DVD players for the family if it is going to be a long trip. these extras should be prebooked as there is no guarantee they will be available when you collect your car. A roof rack may also be very useful to you especially if you have sports equipment such as golf clubs or skis, as it allows for more room inside the car and will stop any of your actual luggage being on the outside of the car. Some destinations are known for having very heavy snow so it may be necessary to have snow chains put onto your hired car for your own safety. Snow chains are also an optional extra and will be offered at an additional charge.

There are a range of self drive car hire models available. it depends on which company you book through to the availability of cars. The most popular hired car models are Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and Peugeot.

The last thing you need to do is decide where you want to collect your self drive car hire from in Poland. there are a few places you can collect and return to, a popular location being:

Torun, Ul.bulwar Filadelfijski 18 , Torun , 87-100

Torun, Ul. M. Sklodowskiej-curie 1-3, Torun, 87-100

Torun Railway Station, Railway Station , Torun.

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