Low Cost Car Hire Craiova

Getting a diesel car hire can be a great idea when travelling to Romania as it can sometimes work out cheaper than a return taxi to and from the airport. Selecting the correct car can be tricky so you must consider a few things before deciding. When travelling to Craiova, you should take in to consideration how much luggage you will have with you, whether you will need air conditioning and if you will need any extras for your journeys. Most car rental companies may not have extras available all the time so be sure to select them when booking your diesel car hire. You can pick up your car hire from:

Craiova, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, Bl. Romarta, Sc.a, Ap 102 , Craiova

Craiova Airport, Craiova Airport, Aeroportul International Craiova , Craiova

Some extras you might book in advance could be:

GPS Satellite Navigation Systems – A satellite navigation system can be useful while travelling in an unknown country, they can save a lot of time which could be used for seeing more sites. Certain systems have touch screen buttons and will alert you of problems up ahead, this can be useful if you do not know the area. You will be able to collect this at the pick up location. When you come to returning the car, you can enter the address of the pick up location, in this case being:

Craiova, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, Bl. Romarta, Sc.a, Ap 102 , Craiova

Craiova Airport, Craiova Airport, Aeroportul International Craiova , Craiova

to make returning the car an easy and stress free journey.

Music Systems – Listening to music can make a journey more enjoyable, some car hire companies give the option of hiring a car with a CD player, MP3 or I-Pod connectivity. Some car models only have a radio so be sure to request these extras when booking.

Baby/ Child Seats – It is illegal to have a child in a car without the correct protection, car hire companies offer child seats to those with young children. You should always check that your child fits into the seat before you leave with the car and that the seat belts fit into the seat correctly.

Roof Racks – A roof rack can be very useful to those travelling with golf clubs, pushchairs, skis or just lots of luggage. With a roof rack it is possible to hire a smaller car as most of your belongings will be on the outside of the car. Only certain models of car are able to hold a roof rack so be sure to check you are booking a suitable model.

Snow and Ice Equipment – If you are travelling to somewhere where the chances of snow are high, it may be a good idea to request special tyres and chains that fit onto the car. These will help with grip allowing you to travel further in the snow.

Hand Controls – These are for people with mobility restrictions, they allow them to drive as anyone else would. They come in the form of pedals. Not all companies offer this so check with the company before confirming a booking.

A comparison site is the best way to see the best deals in Romania for you. A trustworthy and fairly priced site to use is http://www.1st-car-hire-spain.com/.

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