Weather in Calpe from 9 to 15 May

Weather in Calpe from 9 to 15 May

Weather in Calpe from 9 to 15 May

Most of this week is going to be warm and dry in Calpe except on Saturday and Sunday when it will rain.

Monday, May 9: Beautiful sunny day with temperatures ranging a maximum of 22 ° C, minimum 15 ° C and winds south to 18 km / h.

Tuesday, May 10: The sun is shining on Tuesday, but the top temperatures drop to 21 ° C and the minimum will rise to 15 ° C. Northwest wind is blowing at 25 km / h.

Wednesday May 11: Day with some high cloud only during the morning. The temperatures remain the same as winds blow south at about 22 km / h.

Thursday, May 12: The trend change and the day will be cloudy. The maximum temperature will reach of 22 ° C and minimum 16. South wind blow at 25 km / h.

Friday, May 13: cloudy day like Thursday. The minimum will stay at 16 ° C and the maximum will keep placed at 22 ° C. Refer winds up to 14 km / h to the west.

Saturday, May 14: The rain appears for brief showers in the middle of the day. Temperatures remain between 21 ° C and 16 ° C and the wind will be steady as on Saturday at 14 km / h west.

Sunday, May 15: expect another rainy day where the highest will rise slightly to 22 ° C and the minimum keep on 16 ° C. Winds of 25 km / h north.

For the weather in Jávea during this week, check out this page.

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