Ibiza Astroblog – August 2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Welcome to August!  I thought it was going to be a quiet month, but having looked at the charts, it seems we’re in for a bit of a busy time.

In fact, the month of August is influenced greatly by the New Moon of July 30th, as New Moons carry a broad prediction of weather for the coming 28 day lunar cycle.  Of course August will be hot on Ibiza – it always is with  the Sun is in Leo, which it rules, – a bit like the King being on his throne.  But don’t expect an absolute scorcher this year because there will be lot of warm and wet influence by Venus and the Moon, with odd days of Saturnian cool.

The 30th brought not only a New Moon, but another earthquake deep under the ocean floor just off the east coast of Japan.  Not as devastating as the previous one, but 6.3 which is a good shaking for anyone.  I looked at the chart for this latest quake, and interestingly, to the minute it struck, Saturn, planet of earth and underground workings was passing over the IC.  The IC is the point directly opposite the point of Mid Heaven at that moment.  Of course cynics will dismiss it as pure co-incidence….. Amazing co-incidence though!

The New Moon saw the beginning of some powerful Solar Flare activity, which sounds rather ominous…. Just be extra careful for the next week or so!  The weather will suffer uncertainty too. To add fuel to that hot spot, Mars is ‘Out of Bounds’ until the 22nd.  Out of Bounds means it has moved outside the Earth’s boundary of tilt (the ‘ecliptic’) which is just about 23.5 degrees.  When planets move outside this, they are regarded as becoming somewhat maverick in their influence, so Mars out of control for a few weeks should be exciting.

Of course revolutionary Pluto in establishment Capricorn is still continuing with its upheavals.  I note the latest revelations in the on-going News International saga.  Since Mars went OoB on July 24th it has been revealed that the NoW fully financed mobile phone so kindly given to the mother of Sarah Payne by then editor Rebekah Brooks had been hacked.  Moreover, the reporter/investigator who was jailed for the prior NoW phone tapping has now stated openly via his solicitor that he ‘was instructed’ to hack phones.  Mrs Brooks is reported as declaring Mrs Payne as a ‘very dear and great friend’.    Yet more corrupt establishments crumbling?  The recalling of James Murdoch to answer further questions will also be revealing.

As a partial aside from astrology, I confess that last month, I took the love of my life to Amante Beach Club, for dinner at the evening of the Full Moon.  The setting there is fabulous with stunning views of the Moon rising romantically out of the sea, shimmering across the water with the big ferries lit up in its beams.  The Amante food and service were impeccable, so a big thank you to everyone there who made our evening so special.  The next Full Moon is on Saturday the 13th at 20.57, which means that you can sit at your table and countdown the minutes to the precise moment of the Full Moon.  Wow!  Romantic moments don’t come much better than that!  I do know those special menu-evenings get booked well ahead, so don’t miss out, book today.

I think that’s enough ramblings; time now for the transits forecast.  These describe what’s happening as the planets orbit the Earth, some fast, some slow just like a Grand Prix.  Some bring elation, some  bring disaster.  The dates give the effective period of the influence.  No Moon aspects remember – it just moves too fast…. Blink and both the aspect and its effect has gone.  Remember too that whereever you read this, it was created by IbizaAstrologer, part of

31 Jul 2011 to 02 Aug 2011

Venus Trine Uranus: A broad scope of varied and original experiences are open for exploration, and it’s easy to lose your fear of risk and embrace the new. What might have seemed a bit over the top before now looks like your cup of tea, with others jumping in to try out the most exotic tastes. There’s nothing like a hands-on education.

31 Jul 2011 to 02 Aug 2011

Sun Square Jupiter: Overblown, repetitious plans could use a little trimming and when you see that time-wasting windbag headed your way, make tracks. A tendency to overdo with diminishing returns colors actions, and if brevity is the soul of wit, you’d never know it now. Buck the tide, simplify, and don’t commit until that’s done.

03 Aug 2011 to 26 Aug 2011

Mercury Stationary Retrograde:  The strongest moment in the retrograde period.  Grinding to a halt, Mercury looks around for weaknesses in technology and communication systems.  Moving backwards, then forwards again eventually it tests to destruction those things it finds wanting.

03 Aug 2011 to 19 Sep 2011

Mars Enters Cancer: People will be exerting themselves with some amount of caution for some time to come, as the inclination is to put all your energy into one, cherished effort and nurture it through, ignoring other prospects or demands. That doesn’t make for good team play, but it favours solo artists who know what they’re up to.

02 Aug 2011 to 04 Aug 2011

Mars Trine Neptune: Ideal thrusts and parries are easy to make and the show is entertaining enough to make progress without getting bored. Putting energy into dream-building is just the thing and the more you put your shoulder into it, the more help you’ll get from others you convince to follow your star. Belief and deeds go hand in hand.

04 Aug 2011 to 04 Aug 2011

Moon Sextile Sun: Taking it easy and letting things happen will let opportunities continue to grow that are already underway. Situations beginning now will be cooperative and helpful to you as they progress. A general atmosphere of getting along together prevails and will continue to if you just go with the flow.

03 Aug 2011 to 06 Aug 2011

Mercury Sextile Mars: Making the most of previous arrangements causes seemingly ordinary procedures to become prime producers. When things are in order, all runs so smoothly that you hardly notice how well it’s going. It might be a time to take a second look at what it takes to get it right so you can better maintain your trajectory.

05 Aug 2011 to 03 Feb 2012

Neptune retrogrades into Aquarius: The coming fourteen-year period will likely see the idealization of the common folk, even to the level of thinking they’re essentially a lot better off than they are, even superior, and thus subject to all sorts of scams. The blessing is the discoveries involved in recovery from that. Epidemics are a hallmark of this period, so expect at least one significant one.

04 Aug 2011 to 06 Aug 2011

Venus Square Jupiter: An inclination to overdo beyond diminishing returns is fueled by the desire to get things just right. One more added touch, just another taste, try it once again, until satisfaction goes out the window. Sometimes less really is more, even if it doesn’t seem like it, so backing off may save you both time and money.

04 Aug 2011 to 06 Aug 2011

Sun Sextile Saturn: Small investments are the safest, and small returns mount up. Conservative thinking can pay off if you don’t make a big deal out of it. Any boat you launch now will be hard to rock, even in a storm, so it’s a good time to ease her away from the dock and put gradually to sea. The world awaits, but don’t rush.

07 Aug 2011 to 09 Aug 2011

Venus Sextile Saturn: The little things in life can be the most satisfying, and, when closely viewed, often loom larger than they really are. Simple desires, simply satisfied, have a way of sustaining life that allows both joy and unhindered progress. Today’s endeavours will share that quality as they develop, quenching your thirst, banking your fires.

08 Aug 2011 to 09 Sep 2011

Mercury retrogrades into Leo: There’s a sense of fun in just chatting over the next few weeks, and the details of what’s said are less important than originality and creative spirit. It’s a time for birthing ideas, not putting them through school, so join in with the general creative urge to talk things out. For once, for the moment, it’s the feeling that counts.

05 Aug 2011 to 10 Aug 2011

Mercury Opposition Neptune: Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered was written for this moment – maybe befuddled, as well. Just when you’ve got your head on it, it vanishes, a Chimera in broad daylight. And it’s happening to everyone else, too, a regular blind man’s bluff. Don’t press it, just marvel as it comes and goes, then passes altogether.

08 Aug 2011 to 11 Aug 2011

Mars Square Uranus: Sparks fly as honing in on issues gets problematical and irritation makes for rough handling. Mistakes born of haste are not easily corrected and repeated efforts are best marked off to experience. Itchy and edgy, the mood is unsettled and it’s not the best time for laying down foundations where steadiness is required.

09 Aug 2011 to 12 Aug 2011

Mars Opposition Pluto: There may be some disarray about as head-on collisions, encounters with walls and trees, and total engine failure both literally and figuratively litter the landscape. When opposing sides meet, it’s the immovable object that wins, since irresistible forces have taken the day off. So don’t strain yourself, and when in doubt just back off.

13 Aug 2011 to 13 Aug 2011

Moon Opposition Sun: Full Moon brings fruition, but also high emotional tides; what you do now may turn out to have been overdone when you look back on it. Deals sealed now may swing erratically later on, but if kept under control will be fat and fruitful. This is the time for plucking the fruit from the tree, not planting one.

Well Astrobloggers, that’s the weekend’s  fabulous Full Moon; remember it’s at 20.57 for military types, or three minutes to nine in the evening.  Watch and enjoy it somewhere special!

12 Aug 2011 to 20 Aug 2011

Venus Conjunction Sun: Ego compounding desire can make this moment hot but near-sighted at the same time. In the passion of the moment all are more likely looking out for number one than for the general good, and the possibility of missing the long-range win is real. Seek what you want, but remember you’ll still have needs tomorrow.

16 Aug 2011 to 17 Aug 2011

Mercury Conjunction Venus: This is an ideal time for achievement in arts and letters — whether it’s redecorating, taking great pictures and movies, or doing a makeover. A keen eye for the beautiful is in sharp focus and a strong sense of shape and proportion makes for good judgment in all aspect of design, now and for posterity.

16 Aug 2011 to 17 Aug 2011

Mercury Conjunction Sun: High mental energy burns hot, a real brain boiler. The trick is to keep up with everyone without missing a stitch or dropping the ball. Great ideas abound, but don’t buy everything you see until you give it a second, cooler look. Everyone can be too close to the subject to realize that what recommends it is only the heat of the moment.

17 Aug 2011 to 20 Aug 2011

Mars Sextile Jupiter: Cruise control is the key to forward motion, so don’t waste time pumping the pedal, just set it for the speed limit and keep your hands on the wheel – the rest will take care of itself. When operations are well-tuned, you can afford to be on automatic along with the rest of the world, driving without distraction.

20 Aug 2011 to 22 Aug 2011

Venus Opposition Neptune: Difficulty in focusing in on just what it is you want is universal, so don’t try to pin down other people’s orders (or your own) too tightly as no one has as firm a grip as usual. Where you can put off decision, do so, as whatever you initiate will partake of this uncertainty down the line and this moment could stick with you longer than you might like.

21 Aug 2011 to 15 Sep 2011

Venus Enters Virgo: Finicky taste abounds for the next few weeks, and you’ll find people turning up their noses at situations they would have gratefully embraced only weeks earlier. Competition will, of course, change all that soon enough, so if you’re wise you can pick up the neglected seconds now and they’ll be worth double in no time. In fact, you may want to keep them.

22 Aug 2011 to 24 Aug 2011

Sun Opposition Neptune: Attempts at self-assertion can be met with sporadic confusion and uncertainty caused by misinformation, or even disinformation. You’re not the only one making your way through the mists, however, so sound a fog horn if you want to avoid collisions. A good time for introspection and revisiting your dreams.

23 Aug 2011 to 23 Sep 2011

Sun Enters Virgo: You don’t know how abundant your harvest is until you count all the sheaves in your granary, and that kind of attitude abounds in general for the next month or so. Life is grand in all its little details, but only if the details don’t belittle it. Seeing the forest for the trees may be a challenge now, but enjoy each tree as you pass.

23 Aug 2011 to 27 Aug 2011

Mars Square Saturn: Trying to push on too hard in the face of incremental resistance puts a strain on everyone, with some accompanying lessons to be learned. To wit, don’t pursue energy-wasters once you’ve spotted what’s happening. If you’re not getting anywhere, move on to the next and return another day to finish up.

25 Aug 2011 to 26 Aug 2011

Venus Trine Pluto: When you’re sure you’re going to get what you want, you probably will, and that kind of attitude all around makes for a general win-win situation. Cross-purposes are at a minimum and a fundamental agreement on mutual goals and desires means one hand washes the other and vice versa for joint pleasures.

26 Aug 2011 to 28 Aug 2011

Moon Enters Leo: Creative and uncensored feelings can make for an almost party atmosphere if you follow the flow and avoid the usual impediments for the next couple of days. The world is looking for a lover, and you can put yourself into that picture however you choose. Make a breakout, or just let the rising tide carry you along.

26 Aug 2011 to 24 Nov 2011

Mercury Stationary Direct: At last!  Mercury stands still from its backward journey, the searchlight is again remains fixed on communication and technology today, before Mercury sets off again covering the same ground, endeavouring to ‘get it right’ this time.

27 Aug 2011 to 29 Aug 2011

Sun Trine Pluto: A strong sense of self-assurance can enable everyone to pull together now, based on the faith that it will come out all right in the end, whatever happens. Endeavors begun with that in mind will be virtually bulletproof and a firm foundation is there for you if you choose to take a chance.

29 Aug 2011 to 29 Aug 2011

Moon Conjunction Sun: New Moon is the very time for giving up the old and ringing in the new, re-bundling your energies into another package. Commitments made now are intense, all-eggs-in-one-basket, but give them time to develop and to get their bearings. Time for laying cornerstones, the walls and rafters come later.

29 Aug 2011 to 31 Aug 2011

Venus Trine Jupiter: Bounty and generosity go hand in hand and snowball when everyone is willing to tap assets without holding back. To live is to give, and get back accordingly. Launch it now and there will always be plenty to go around, a veritable birthday for the golden goose. The operant idea is growth through good feeding in all respects.

30 Aug 2011 to 25 Dec 2011

Jupiter Stationary Retrograde:  It seems we’ve missed an opportunity somewhere along the line!  Jupiter is planet of expansion and growth, and today it’s looking hard at them.  It moves backwards until Christmas Day when it starts over in a renewed attempt to get things moving.

Until next month, best wishes from,

Your Ibiza Astrologer

Astroblog for May 2011

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Perusing the May charts, I’m reminded of the ancient Chinese curse:  “May you live in interesting times”.

I think May will be interesting, but it’s being rather enigmatic about it all.  Apparently a quiet month, quite chilled out, but there are a few land-mines about which could blow up in someone’s face.

The month begins with Mars conjunct Jupiter.  Mars is second of the malefics after Saturn, and is about war, fire, and aggression, while Jupiter is the great benefic and is about benevolence, munificence, expansion and growth.  Another cliché:  Marriages being made in heaven….. but so are thunder and lightning…. That’s the paradox of Mars and Jupiter.

Although a few hours earlier, but far less powerful, there’s another enigma with Venus opposing Saturn.  Warm wet Venus opposing cold dry Saturn.  It’s almost a confusion or challenge between good and evil….  Same coin, different face?

Meanwhile, retrograde Saturn is hanging about almost stationary all month, and as such is close to a square with both Pluto and Uranus.  Like a veiled threat…… Saturnian order and discipline, squaring up against intense Pluto, and sudden shock Uranus.  Revolution against authority?  Maybe the clue is in those May 1st aspects…. Which leads to another cliché….  “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.

There’s a New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd, and that too might be an interesting time…. Taurus playing host to Moon and Sun, as paternal Taurus does, but the chart for the New Moon places it in the 12th house….. of institutions, prisons, and hidden enemies.

At least the New Moon chart has one piece of good news, with the 4th house cusp in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun.  And that my friends indicates a 28 day lunar cycle with plenty of warm sunshine!  Mercury is still in Aries, and remains with the Uranus influence for a while, so unexpected gusts will continue, while Neptune continues to provide bits of cloud.

Around the 17th could be a time of more destructive seismic activity/storms/weather.  Remember your brolly, and be prepared for interrupted journeys.

And on to the major aspects for May.  I’m prefixing each aspect with an indication of its duration, rather than the date on which it perfects.  Many many other aspects join the major ones, and the exact timing of an event depends upon the optimal moment.  Hence a major aspect can be the point of change for several occurrences, albeit not at the same moment.

30 Apr  to 01 May – Venus Opposition Saturn: Journeys of desire proceed despite interruptions, but at a slower rate. If at first you don’t get what you want, try it again differently until you find your way around the roadblocks. Where resources fall short, cleverness intercedes and patience perseveres. Fortunes are seldom made overnight, so take one step at a time.

29 Apr to 03 May Mars Conjunction Jupiter: Boundless energy and enthusiasm can overwhelm, like a crowd of runners all attempting the hundred-metre dash. You may want to think about not

joining that herd but siphoning off some of the energy around you in a more reasoned way. Eagerness often lacks staying power, but passion can be a thrill when directed.

03 May to 03 May Moon Conjunction Sun: New Moon is the very time for giving up the old and ringing in the new.  Re-bundle your energies into a new package. Commitments made now are intense, all-eggs-in-one-basket, but give them time to develop and to get their bearings. A time for laying cornerstones, – walls and rafters come later.

05 May to 20 May Mercury Conjunction Venus: This is an ideal time for achievement in the arts and writing – whether it’s redecorating, taking great pictures and movies, or doing a makeover. A keen eye for the beautiful is in sharp focus and a strong sense of shape and proportion makes for good judgment in all aspect of design, now and for posterity.

11 May to 21 Jun Mars Enters Taurus:  The need to get on with things takes a slow turn for a while to come. Actions become of necessity more deliberate, sometimes ponderous. Although headway may be gradual all around, it’s a good time for laying solid foundations and putting your sweat into investments that will last a long time.

10 May to 12 May Venus Conjunction Jupiter: Big appetites and a large bite out of life depict the day.  That means dig in right there, but don’t overdo. Spectacular beauty will characterise launches in love or money, but take things with a barrel of salt.  Nevertheless, enjoy.

10 May to 12 May Mercury Conjunction Jupiter: Various new plans and schemes fill the air.  If you can latch onto one that really works, you can go far. If there is a problem, weed out the best from the rest and settle on what to do with it. No time now for details, just get the concepts right.

11 May to 13 May Mars Sextile Neptune: Small illusions and occasional flattery grease the path for everyone, so good manners based on consideration of others makes even the most insincere friendships rewarding. Gilding the truth doesn’t always mean lying, just spreading cheer and optimism that enlivens and revitalises all concerned.

16 May to 09 Jun Venus Enters Taurus: There’s harmony in simplicity in the air.  The old pleasures haven’t lost their appeal. For the next few weeks, you don’t need a fancy cuisine to take a nice bite out of life.

16 May to 02 Jun Mercury Enters Taurus: There’s a certain ponderous quality to communications in the coming weeks, which is great for gaining ground and making sure you know what’s really happening. Solid, well-crafted ideas have appeal whereas flights of fancy have a harder time getting heard because a leap of imagination is difficult with both your feet on the ground.

05 May to 20 May Mercury Conjunction Venus: This is an ideal time for achievement in the arts and writing – whether it’s redecorating, taking great pictures and movies, or doing a makeover. A keen eye for the beautiful is in sharp focus and a strong sense of shape and proportion makes for good judgment in all aspect of design.

15 May to 17 May Mercury Sextile Neptune: The messages of the spirit are clearest when you are not directly seeking them. It is now that wisdom unheralded and unnoticed displays itself around you. A special comfort comes from knowing secrets without shouting them. A quiet word and a knowing glance tell all.

15 May to 17 May Venus Sextile Neptune: Good taste is everything and it’s at its most real when you don’t even notice it. What feels right unquestionably is right. Enjoy the drink that’s already been poured – you’ll find it suits you more than you ever imagined.

17 May to 17 May  Moon Opposition Sun: Full Moon brings fruition, but also high emotional tides; what you do now may turn out to have been overdone when you look back on it. Deals done now may swing erratically later on, but if kept under control will be fat and fruitful. This is the time for plucking fruit from the tree, not planting.

19 May 22 May Mars Trine Pluto: Forceful action is highlighted by confidence and follow-through, doubling the available power at hand. Swing through and not at the ball, and it will soar straight and true. Today’s beginnings will mature to be self-reliant and reliable, fuelled by faith and conviction.

20 May to 21 May Mercury Trine Pluto: When you’ve got it all thought out, run with it and everyone will follow. Forceful words expressed in a friendly manner brook no opposition. A powerful concept sweeps the field better than an onslaught.

19 May to 22 May Mercury Conjunction Mars: Ideas catch fire and the mind races as your thinking cap jams with the hammer down. A heady time indeed, but you’ll need to keep pace with the rest of the world which is experiencing the same thing. Strike while the iron is hot!

21 May to 21 Jun Sun Enters Gemini: The month ahead promises a lot of heightened communication – at least that’s the general expectation, so expect to hit a chord if you say more rather than less. Intellectual solutions are the rage, but that may be simply to paper over what’s being ignored underneath. Keep you options open however as you never know which sound bite is going to wind up being true.

21 May to 22 May Venus Trine Pluto: When you’re sure you’re going to get what you want, you probably will! That kind of attitude all around makes for a general win-win situation. Cross-purposes are at a minimum and a fundamental agreement on mutual goals means one hand washes the other and vice versa.

21 May to 23 May Sun Square Neptune: Deceits and deceptions are hard to distinguish from honest mistakes and confusions. When in doubt it’s probably best not to try to find out. It’s easy for everyone to get into a tangle over minor misunderstandings that waste time and energy.  Don’t let it lie and don’t make moves – you want to be on a solid foot.

21 May to 25 May Venus Conjunction Mars: It’s sparkle time!  Love and desire are born and animal magnetism is instilled into every step you take. It’s the perfect time for love, romance, and passion and it has star power written all over. If you want to start something with high profile public appeal, now’s the time.

24 May to 26 May Sun Sextile Uranus: Sometimes you can see just as well with a flashlight as with a floodlight if you are examining something small. The simplest solutions are often the most ingenious, and it’s the household gadget that makes most inventors rich. Small and clever is the order of the day, and what’s more it has staying power.

And that’s it for May!

Solstice next month!  Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Until flaming June, enjoy with my blessing, an enigmatic May.

Your Ibiza Astrologer



Astroblog November 2010

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Well, what shall we remember this November for? Treason and gunpowder plot?  Probably not, but an interesting month nonetheless.

We enter November with five planets retrograde, or appearing to move backwards in the sky, Venus, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus.  All but Uranus move to ‘station direct’ this month – that is they appear to stand still in the sky, before commencing movement in a forward direction.  ‘Station direct’ is a time of focus, when we get to concentrate and harmonise with the planet, moreover the planet concentrates and harmonises with us.  Almost like a child when they see the local bobby stop his leisurely walk and look at them, a time of uncertainty.

A New Moon in deep, intense Scorpio (ruled by Pluto and Mars) bodes for new ideas which have strong, deep, dark, passionate, but profound origins.  The conjunction of Moon with Sun, which creates the New Moon occurs at the very moment that Chiron, the teacher and wounding healer stands stationary in late Aquarius.  Chiron co-incidentally sits conjunct Neptune, the planet of imaginings, illusion and obscurity.  Neptune then follows Chiron’s lead on the following day by moving first from retrograde to stationary direct, then off in forward direction.

And all the time, that other pair of retrograde planets, Jupiter and Uranus sit conjunct, late in Pisces; meanwhile let’s not forget that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

Another co-incidence is that retrograde Venus (the lesser benefic) which started the month conjunct the Sun, waits for two weeks, as does Jupiter (the greater benefic) until in unison, they station direct before moving off together in forward motion.

That’s November’s big picture.  It all sounds like the plot of intrigue for a new episode of ‘The Godfather’!  So what does it mean?

I tend to be wary of false dawns, but I believe that November signals changes that augur for the better.  That does not mean we all win the lottery, or income tax drops to 5%. (If it does, I’ll give up astrology!!!)  Remember my past preaching that when planets go retrograde they create an opportunity to review  and go back over old ground; then as they move forward, we are given a second chance to ‘get it right’.

A New Moon heralds new ventures and ideas, and this month it is in the middle of Scorpio. The fact that Chiron stands still at that very moment is significant.  In the deep total darkness of the New Moon, Chiron stands still but unseen, ready to move forward on a journey of healing.  We may yet endure a ‘healing crisis’ with more wounding and pain suffered in the process of recovery, and it may well take some time, but the intensity of co-incidence suggests that this month witnesses the turning point of opportunity.  Neptune sitting so close to Chiron, and following its lead so closely suggests that dreams and illusions are to be our constant shadow. Chiron and Neptune remain within the 10 degree bounds of conjunction for another seven years.  Temptation will be with us for a good while.

New Moons signify quantum leaps, new beginnings, the bursting forth in darkness of the germinating embryo from its husk; unseen by the world until it reaches the light of day.  It will be fourteen days later, and then well lit by the Sun, that the Moon blooms Full.  Only then that may we contemplate harvest.

Fundamentally, Astrology is the interpretation of symbolism.   Let us consider the Moon’s journey in days, as being the years ahead. That makes fourteen years before ‘full moon’ , and about twelve years before the effect of the two benefics Venus and Jupiter moving forwards take effect.  That may all sound a bit far-fetched, but I have to tell you that looking ahead from the commencement (2008) of our current predicament, it will be about sixteen years of real time before the planets start showing us signs of the ‘good life’ again.  Hence my  big focus this month on the Moon’s cycle. It signifies the agenda of the future.

The Full Moon will occur in Taurus (opposite Scorpio) and symbolizes the endeavor to care for our family and environment.  I consider that to be significant, because we presently need to be ‘looking after ourselves’, which of course means family too, plus the environment we live in.

I’ve written before that the rate we use our planetary resources is unsustainable, also that the Full Moon in Taurus signifies the time of commencing the harvest.  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” I recall from my childhood Sundays in Chapel. I fear our harvest may bear witness to just that.

Oh…. Just to point out that Neptune (dreams/illusions/false reality) turns direct in a couple of ‘years’.  That will be our second opportunity to face up to reality.

I have read arguments that December 2012 will see the ‘tipping point’ of our planetary extravagance.  Ignore all the money-making hype about ‘end of the world’, but consider whether the Mayans were simply thousands of years ahead of the ‘Gaia’ theory.  The Gaia theory considers our planet as a giant living organism which acts to protect itself from abuse.  Our abuse.

Well, a big reflection on the big picture for November.  Life however for individuals is much more day today, so let’s consider now what’s in store for us in November……

November commences with Venus Sextile Pluto. Quiet confidence in achievable goals makes things run smoothly and cooperation in the mutual interest means a win-win situation. Giving easily without a thought to the cost breeds instant good karma which of course always returns. Fearless love is its own greatest reward.

The 4th and Mercury is trine Jupiter – Big plans put into operation now will make seven-league strides. Confidence in what you have cooked up attracts customers and begets imitation.  So, move on swiftly to stay ahead of the competition. Ideas flow easily, but don’t take them for granted you need to put them into action!

The 5th sees the Moon involved in all sorts of passion and intrigue…. Is Guido Fawkes alive and well I wonder?

The 6th. Of course it’s New Moon in Scorpio. The intensity of the moment tells you it’s time to turn over a new leaf – but perhaps without entirely sharing it with everybody. In short, it may be time to take your own, new path and only share your developing resources when they are firmly in your control. When you discover oil, wait until you’re pumping it to make the announcement. There is an urgency afoot and you’re eager to answer the call – just make the first part of your voyage incognito.

Later, Mercury square Neptune. It’s easy to push on, cutting your way through the confusion only to find yourself more at sea than before. Perhaps it is better to roll over and go back to sleep and wake up on the other side of the bed.

Next day and Mercury Trine Uranus; original ideas find a home and progress is easy on all fronts for those who get in gear and make something of it. What was obscure before is obvious now, but it will be history soon if it’s not exploited.  You need to get on your own bandwagon before someone else takes it over. It’s Thomas Edison time (or Bill Gates?), exploit the moment.   Neptune turns direct amidst the Moon making all sorts of aspects.  Take care that emotions don’t overcome reality.

The 8th and Venus enters Libra, it’s own sign. All things bright and beautiful are what everybody’s asking for these next few weeks, and there’s competition to one-up each other in matters of taste and possessions. That drives prices up, both financially and emotionally, so you may want to think twice before going for that higher bid. It might be overpriced.

On the 9th Mercury moves into Sagittarius and people will say anything for a laugh right now – and for the next few weeks they’ll tend to just say anything in general and then keep talking. Blue-sky bluster is the order of the day, but there’s a kernel of truth in there, so don’t overlook that fleck of gold gleaming in the pan.

The 15th – Mars Sextile Saturn.- It takes firm ground and good traction to run a long race, and that’s what is available for those willing to take advantage of it now. Playing the long game is easy — Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s how it became the Eternal City.

On to the 16th and Sun trines Jupiter. If you want your plans to develop on track and evolve big time, this is the time to lay them on the table. Imagination and inspiration go hand in hand with motivation and coordination more than usual, so bring everybody together in that spirit and you’ll have a winner!

The 18th and Mercury sextiles Saturn. Slow and steady wins the race — in this case, without even knowing the race is on. Quiet thought in a still place clears the cobwebs and substitutes depth for serious considerations. A marathon of any kind is well begun now, set the pace for a long run without getting winded.  LaterSun squares Neptune so deceits and deceptions are hard to separate from honest mistakes and confusions. When in doubt, it’s probably best not to follow up and try to find out, let it lie and don’t make rash moves — be on a solid foot.

Both Mercury and Jupiter turn direct!  Thoughts, ideas, messages about expansion and good fortune abound!  Beware false prophets though!

Next day, the 19th Sun trines Uranus. Original thinking and new approaches will pay off if you put them in gear now. Inventiveness with staying power is available, so don’t be a stick in the mud. Yesterday’s weirdness becomes today’s leading edge.  Come out of the closet with whatever you were holding back and it just might pay off.

Next day, Mercury is conjunct Mars. Ideas catch fire and the mind races as your thinking cap snaps into fifth gear. A heady time indeed, but you’ll need to keep pace with the rest of the world, which is experiencing the same thing. Anything you choose to do with your interior software will keep this high pace in times to come, so strike while the iron is hot!

21st and this “Frost” Moon makes the usual full Moon craziness turn into slow motion, and a lot of the action is happening beneath the surface, hidden from view. Like moles in the ground, everybody’s pursuing an agenda that may not be entirely clear but is clearly plowing up the vicinity. The challenge is to get all of it working for you and not against you; keep your pace even if it seems like you’re wading through molasses. Nevertheless, the scope of accomplishment available now is both large and long-lasting, directly proportionate to the extra work involved.

The 22nd sees Sun enter Sagittarius. Expect a lot of straight talk flying about for the next month or so. Of course, it’s not all as straight as it’s made out to be, and playing along is part of the game. But that doesn’t matter, as enthusiasm and optimism can be quite sufficient to drive it all along to another level.

On to the 25th and Mercury is square Jupiter. The best-laid plans suddenly are at sixes and sevens, mostly because there’s a nest of non-working components that just keep on popping up. A time for debugging new operations and knocking new ventures into shape. A better time for sorting things out than for starting anew.

The 27th with Mercury sextile Neptune;  the messages of the spirit are clearest when you are not directly seeking them. So it is now that wisdom unheralded and unnoticed manifests itself around you. A special comfort in the world comes from knowing its secrets without shouting them.

Watch for that knowing glance!

Next day, Mercury is square Uranus so squabbles about pet concepts and particulars can get in the way of clarity and progress. Chasing down specifics can be more like chasing your tail. Harsh words happen, but it’s only the heat of the moment, so forgive.

The 29th sees Mars square Jupiter, and upward spirals consume evermore energy without making much upward progress.  Those urging on their stallions may actually be flogging a dead horse. Wasting energy in the interest of imagined accomplishment can really tax resources. Know when to relax.

Last day of November, the 30th and Venus enters Scorpio. The hunt for objects of desire is in full swing for a few weeks, so expect some intensity all around. It doesn’t show much on the surface, but when the doors close and the shades go down, it’s full stretch now – literally or figuratively. Dipping your toe in is not what’s happening, so beware if you try to — you may be pulled in headlong!

So, there’s November on a day today basis.  A big month again, but I guess everyone ‘bigs it up’ before Christmas…. Even the Cosmos.

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and enjoy the run up to Solstice month!

Blessings from me and the Cosmos.

Your Ibiza Astrologer.

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